Friday, January 13, 2006


Our experiment with the Cinematic Unisystem. Run by our Director, Selena. We picked some characters off the internet instead of creating them. This means someone out there reading this might the Slayer's name. :) It's a safe bet that the similarities will end there though.

The series begins in a fairly large town called Wolverton on the western slope of the Rockies in Colorado. The two player characters are Elena Haven, a new slayer, and Chaz Tailor, a young man with partial angelic parentage. Chaz is a freshman while Elena is a sophomore. Elena's russian Uncle, Sergei, is her watcher (NPC but might become a PC).

Elena Haven
Sixteen year old Elena's parents moved to Wolverton from Russia when she was three. Her Uncle followed them to the states to stay near the family and watch his niece for signs of slayer potential. A month ago he was notified by the council that the current slayer had died in a place called Sunnydale, California. Soon after that, Elena awakened to her potential and Uncle Sergei officially became her Watcher.

Elena dresses in revealing, sexy clothes when she can. She's very confident and has a high self worth. The addition of Slayer powers has only increased these tendencies and when the show starts she's definitely feeling immortal, facing vamps with no thought that she could actually be in danger. This will undoubtedly change as the show progresses.

Chaz Tailor
At fifteen, Chaz is a poor, rebellious youth with a single mother. The mystery of his serephim father is one that he's only scratched the surface of. His mother won't talk about it and spends most of her time working. This leaves Chaz with a great deal of unregulated time, which he spends studying occult books and training. Like Elena, Chaz has known about the supernatural for a lot longer than he's been fighting it. He just came into his serephim powers this summer. Unlike Elena, he has a healthy respect for the evils of the world and urges her to be more cautious.

Uncle Sergei
Uncle Sergei is originally from Russia but has spent the last twelve years here in Wolverton. He is a member of the Watcher's council and has been teaching and training Elena since she was eleven years old, preparing her for the day when she might become the Slayer.

He works as a substitute teacher at Wolverton High School and also part times at a Hardware store in town.


SEASON ONE - Episode One "On the Hunt"

Summer - Wolverton, Colorado
Alley behind Torgy's Hangout around 11:30

We come in on the scene of Elena facing two vamps. She's smiling but we can see that she's a little nervous as they try to flank her.

Elena: "Come on toothy! Sink yer' fangs right here." *Elena shows off her pretty little neck, enticing the vamps to attack.*

The vamps oblige and she kicks one in the groin actually lifting it off the ground. Unfortunately the other gets past her defenses and knocks her to the ground with a solid punch to the face. While the first vamp rolls around in pain, the second one straddles her prone form and opens its mouth as it lowers towards her neck.

Slowly regaining her senses Elena puts an arm between her and the vamp and rolls him off, kicking him into a nearby dumpster. She turns the prone kick into a kip up, spinning and nailing the first vamp with a brandished stake.

A third vamp, unseen by Elena is watching from a safe distance. He looks nervous about joining the fray after seeing the first vamp get dusted. Coming to a decision he reaches into his jacket and pulls out a gun, aiming it at Elena. He's about to pull the trigger when he gets a surprised look on his face and turns to dust. Chaz is revealed behind him holding a stake at heart level.

Chaz: "Vamps don't use guns! Bad Vampire. No cookie!"

Unknowing of her life just being saved by a stranger, Elena continues her fight with the second vamp, delivering a series of flashy kicks and punches while taking one or two of her own bruises. Once he's senseless and staggering, she pushes the vamp against the wall and stakes him with a final flourish.

From the shadows nearby, Uncle Sergei approaches, eyeing the dusted vamps and shaking his head reprovingly while disarming his crossbow.

Uncle Sergei: "Far too flashy. You're treating this like a game Elena. This is not a game!" *He touches her bruised cheek with affection.* "You were almost bit."

Elena: *Smiling sheepishly* "I know, but I killed him... I killed them both, and I'm okay."

Uncle Sergei: "I thought finally facing the enemy would make you realize the danger Ely, but it's clear it hasn't..."

Chaz: (interrupting the two and startling them as well) "How 'bout almost getting shot?"

He tosses the gun toward Elena and she catches it. Uncle Sergei back pedals and hastily tries to reload the crossbow, mistaking Chaz for another vamp perhaps.

Chaz: (raising hands and motioning for Sergei to put the crossbow down) "Whoa Whoa Whoa! Put down the impaling device! I'm on your side!"

Sergei does lower the weapon but still looks nervous. Elena looks at the gun and then Chaz, smiling tentatively.

Elena: "You're Charles right? I remember you from junior high."

Chaz: Yeah, Chaz actually, and you're Elena Haven."

Sergei: (Stepping up and taking the gun away from Elena before she makes it go off) And I'm her Uncle, Sergei. Wh-what do you mean almost getting shot?" (He continues to eye Chaz with suspicion.

Chaz: "I mean there was a third vamp back there with THAT gun and he was two seconds from shooting the new slayer. (he looks at Elena) Unless bullets bounce off slayers? (he appears to truly consider the possibility of a moment).

Elena looks like she doesn't know what to think of the news.

Sergei: "No. No they don't." (Again he looks affectionately at his niece) "Thank you... Chaz. Thank you very much."

Elena: "Yeah, thanks."

At this point a police car cruises by the entrance to the alley and all three of them look up and then quickly away, Sergei stashing the gun out of sight.

Chaz: (Once the cruiser has moved out of sight) Well... no problem, really. I get the feeling we're on the same side, ya know? I gotta go now. Nice meeting you both."

Sergei smiles and looks like he wants to ask questions but doesn't.

Elena: (sorta waves) "Okay, uh, see ya around."



(Three months later)

A teen in a varsity jacket is running down the darkened halls of the high school and pleading for his life. He's finally caught by his pursuer, who we can't see Due to the angle. "You can't be real! You're not real!!" he blubbers.

The voice that responds is cold and harsh, sounding slightly accented, "That's strange, this seems fairly real" as the sound of a blade striking reverberates in the empty hall and the boys screams are abruptly cut off.



It's the morning and kids are entering Wolverton High school. The sun is shining and everything's very normal looking. A banner hangs over the main entrance proclaiming that the Harvest Dance is soon. We see Elena walking in from the parking lot. She's wearing a short skirt and black halter top with a heavy leather jacket. Her book bag is carried over one shoulder.

Entering the main hall she seems to avoid most people. She gives a brief wave to Emily, the most popular girl in the school throwing a more sour "Hey" to Tanya, another one of the popular group who was really a bitch. Looking around for a moment she smiles upon seeing Chaz entering. Chaz is wearing distressed jeans and combat boots. A black cloth trench-coat covers his faded t-shirt and a bandana (ala; Axel Rose) hides most of his white-blonde hair.

Making her way toward Chaz she greets him and asks how his weekend was. They chit chat briefly when everyone notices the football jocks giving Julius, a studious nerd, a hard time, knocking his books out of his hands and demanding that he pick them up. Elena comments that the they're really jerks and asks whether Chaz thinks they should help out.

Being somewhat shamed into it by Chaz, she heads over to Julius, telling Donny, the leader of the jocks, to knock it off. He and his friends grudgingly do, leaving Elena and Chaz to help Julius with his strewn books. Julius thanks them and heads off to class, commenting on the idiocy of football players.

A few minutes later there's a huge commotion down the hall as Diego, another of the jocks, opens his locker and starts screaming. This is quickly followed by Donny's screams. Rushing to see what's going on (along with the rest of the school body) Chaz and Elena see a head in Diego's locker and a varsity jacket wearing body in Donny's locker. Morbidly fascinated and yet grossed out, Elena approaches before the teachers arrive and sees that the head belongs to Sean, another one of the jocks (and the boy we saw in the teaser).



We zoom in on Elena and Chaz getting into her old pickup truck and talking about the murder. Elena asks Chaz if he thinks Vampires did it. Chaz replies that he's not sure but it's not normal for vamps to cut heads off, unless it was some kind of message maybe. They discuss the possibility of it being a everyday psycho but Elena doesn't really buy it and says that maybe Uncle Sergei will know something.

Pulling into the driveway of Uncle Sergei's in-town home a little later they go inside. Elena greets Blacky, her uncle's dog, and calls out that they've arrived. Sergei replies from the shed in the backyard and they head that way. He's working on a wood, training dummy when they step into the work-shed and he asks what they're doing out of school as Elena gives him a kiss on the cheek. They tell him about the gruesome discovery and he seems perplexed as well. Elena remarks that the cut was clean. She asks him if he thinks vampires were responsible and he mentions that the older ones might use swords and such but he's just not sure.

They discuss what they should do and it's decided that Elena and Chaz should check out Sean's enemies. The list of suspects is small, with the nerds of the school being the only ones they could think of offhand. Since there are still police at the school and the kids are probably all home with their parents, Chaz and Elena decide to wait until the evening and check out Torgy's to see if any of the jocks or nerds will be there. Before that they stick around Uncle Sergei's and research demons and supernatural threats that might cut heads off, but come up with nothing. After some order-in pizza they decide to stop by Chaz's to pick up his sword.


Chaz lives in a new trailer on a couple acres of land in the outskirts of town. This is the first time Elena has been to his house and she comments on how nice it must be to have so much space. She also tries to make him feel better about having a Mom who's never around, extolling the virtues of teen independence.

They have a discussion about demons and Chaz tries to convince Elena that they should be careful. She says that her and Chaz are special and they shouldn't worry so much. This is what they were meant to do, demonstrating her point by burying her axe into a stump and yanking it free. He doesn't seem entirely convinced and it's obvious he thinks she's still not taking things seriously enough.


Later that evening we find them driving to Torgy's. Elena has changed into tight jeans and combat boots with the same halter top. Chaz comments that it must be difficult to fight in such tight pants. Somehow she finds herself telling Chaz about an embarrassing incident where her jeans ripped while fighting a vamp and how she has since ordered several pairs of Chuck Norris specials. After starting the story she asks "Why am I telling you this? How embarrassing."

They arrive at the club. Torgy's is an old Catholic church from the founding of the town. It's been converted into a dance club and diner, serving underage kids and becoming the number one hangout for high school kids. Finding a table and observing the room they see Julius, along with Ethan Dicks and Peter Epstein, the smartest kid in school, sitting at a corner table and commiserating. Donny, Diego and Brian are at a table upstairs. It's decided that Elena will talk to the jocks while Chaz goes and talks to the nerds.

The jocks aren't too into talking. Elena tries to ask them who they think did it, but they have no idea and tell her to go away. She expresses her condolences and leaves. Chaz doesn't have much luck with the nerds either. They claim to know nothing about it but confess that they aren't too broken up about what's happened.

Donny and his friends get up and leave and Elena decides to follow them since they look rather suspicious. She's about to head out the door when she spots three tough looking young women in leathers who are also following the jocks. She immediately recognizes them as vamps and reaches for her stake before catching herself and quietly following them outside. Chaz notices Elena's intense reaction though he doesn't see the vamps. Making his exit from the nerd's table he follows Elena.

Outside, Elena sees Donny return from his car with a bag wrapped bottle of what she assumes to be alcohol. The three vamp chicks move away from the group of jocks, who have gone further down the alley to drink in the shadows. Elena follows the vamps and when she's sure that they are circling around to go back toward Donny and his friends she sneaks up on them and clears her throat, causing the vamps to spin.

Elena: (In a casual but ready pose) "Out for a little late snack, are we girls?"

Vamp Chick 1: "Who the hell are you?"

Elena: "Elena. Nice to meet you."

Vamp Chick 2: (With a predatory smile) "You know, we don't usually eat your type, but we could make an exception."

All three proceed to game face as Elena whips out her stake and rams it into the chest of the first vamp. There's a momentary look of surprise and then she smiles, revealing sharp teeth before trying to grapple her.

Vamp Chick 1: "You missed." (Elena looking miffed)

Each vamp proceeds to miss Elena as she ducks and spins away from their grasping arms.
Meanwhile Chaz spots the action and uses the shadows and dumpsters to sneak up on the vamps, pulling his survival knife and the stake Elena gave him earlier.

Vamp Chick 3: "This one's spunky! She'd make an excellent addition to our club."

Elena: (Jumping in with a flying punch to Vamp Chick 1's face and dropping and ramming the stake home to make dust of her opponent) "Oh look, a slot just opened up too."

The two remaining vamps growl and attack with more fury, again attempting to grapple Elena. She dodges and blocks, delivering a spin kick to Vamp Chick 3 and sidestepping. She senses Chaz in the shadows and maneuvers so that he can come upon Vamp Chick 2 from behind.

Chaz sees his opportunity and slashes low, hamstringing Vamp Chick 2 and dropping her to the pavement before attempting to stake her through the back. He misses the heart, she growls and donkey kicks but he quickly dodges the attack.

Elena bends low and then jumps and spins, kicking Vamp Chick 3 in the face with enough force to send her careening into the nearby dumpster and out of range of follow up attacks.

Elena: (Calmly walking after her opponent and growling) "Come back here."

Having had enough of the Slayer, Vamp Chick 3 picks herself up and hauls ass down the ally. Elena sighs and gives chase, quickly running down the vamp and sending a kick to the back of her head that misses. Vamp Chick 2 also decides to retreat. following Vamp Chick 3. Grimacing, Elena hefts her stake and lets it fly. The throw is a good one and Vamp Chick 3 explodes into dust.

Turning her head and spying Vamp Chick 2, Elena clotheslines the final vamp with her leg. She's about to stake this one too when Chaz brings his knife to her throat and motions for Elena to wait.

Chaz: "Who are you!?"

Vamp Chick 2: (spitting blood) "My name's Amy."

Elena: "Did you have anything to do with the murder at the High School?"

Amy Vamp: (looking sincere) "NO! We just got into town. I don't know what you're talkin' about."

Chaz: "How many are in your gang?"

Amy Vamp: "Eleven of us... Nine now! (she looks bitter)

Elena: "Who's your leader and where are you holed up?"

Amy Vamp: (looking nervous) "Gabby's our leader. We're stayin' in an old building near an abandoned strip mall."

Chaz: "Do you know of any vamps that use a sword!?"

Amy Vamp: "Gabby does sometimes! She's really old. She's gonna kill you for what you've done here."

Elena: (smiling) "Where's this building... exactly?"

Amy Vamp: "I don't know, North side of town! I told you we just got into town."

Elena: "So... you had nothing to do with the murder at the high school?"

Amy Vamp: "No."

Elena: "And your just a few harmless vamps minding your own business?"

Amy Vamp: "I wouldn't say harmless exactly." (she looks affronted)

Elena: "Good, me either." (With a quick motion she plunges her stake into the vamps heart and it settles to a pile of dust.)

As she and Chaz stand up and start discussing what this might mean they wander back toward the jocks. Upon arriving, they find that the three young men have quickly become intoxicated. Elena wrinkles her nose and takes the mostly empty bottle away from them, sniffing it disapprovingly. They're so wasted already that they hardly put up a fight. Donny takes a sluggish swing at Chaz and ends up on his face. "Light weights," Elena says, casually hoisting the heavy jock back to his feet and taking the opportunity to lift his keys from his pocket along with his phone.

"I'm calling you a cab Donny, take your idiot friends home with you," she says.

The three jocks stagger off toward the street and disappear around the corner.

"I can't believe I just saved their sorry asses from being eaten. What a waste." She makes the call for the cab.

Chaz smirks and is about to say something when they hear a cry from around the corner and Donny screams. As they run to investigate both hear the sound of clopping horse hooves on the pavement. Coming around the corner they find Diego and Brian crying and stumbling away from Donny's body. A widening pool of blood leaks from Donny's not-quite-severed head.

Elena and Chaz scan the area, searching for the horseman they heard but can find no trace of him. In the distance Elena hears the strange baying of hounds but when she asks Chaz, he says he didn't hear anything.

They work at calming down the drunk young men as Elena calls 911. hanging up the phone she gives Chaz her stakes and has him put their weapons away in the truck. Together they wait for the police.



After making statements and calling Uncle Sergei and filling him in on the latest murder and the information about the vamps they decide to go check out the nerd's houses, making sure that Uncle Sergei will keep a watch on the jocks houses.

They luck out and find all three nerds at Peter Epstein's place in the rich neighborhood. Parking the truck down the block they return to spy, raising eyebrows when all three kids head towards the guesthouse. Looking through the window they see that Peter has set up the guesthouse as his own little pad. They gasp when they see several books and diagrams on the table. Thinking that perhaps they've found their culprits, It comes as something of a let down when Julius rolls some dice and they realize the nerds are only playing that Dungeons and Dragons game. "Nerds will be nerds" Elena whispers.

They watch for a short while before returning to their truck and heading towards a pay phone. They call Uncle Sergei who says there's nothing new at the jock's houses. They mutually decide that they'll pick up with further investigations in the morning.



Back at school - a much subdued place with lots of councilors running here and there asking if kids need to talk - Elena and Chaz meet Uncle Sergei before science class, which he's substituting for.

Uncle Sergei tells them that he traced the vamp leader, Gabby and found that her real name is Gabriella Espanoza. She's nearly a hundred and fifty years old and is a hater of men. Her and her gang prey specifically on men and she is said to be an excellent swordswoman who owns an exquisite blade of fine toledo steel. These days she and her vamps travel by motorcycle. Despite what the vamp said last night, all three think that perhaps they found their prime suspect.

After class they hurry off to find Brian and Diego to verify what they saw last night, or at least what they can remember through drunken stupor. They're dismayed to learn that both jocks left school and went home early. Talking it over, Elena and Chaz decide to check up on them and leave school as well.



Pulling up in front of Brian's house they go to the door. They hear some large things being moved around inside before Brian answers the door. There's an awkward bit of conversation where they ask their questions before Brian invites them in, seeming content just to have "backup".

As it turns out the two boys are barricading their living room, placing furniture against the windows and blocking the halls, etc. Diego confirms that there was a man on a horse and that he had some kind of sword last night. He's freaked out enough that he's prepping a handgun. Chaz and Elena ask if they can stay which Brian seems more than happy with. As Chaz brings in the duffle bag, slayer arsenal both jocks do a double take but don't ask a lot of questions. With crossbows, axes, swords and handguns they watch sports and action movies, Elena and Chaz heavily critiquing the fight choreography.

As the sun sets Elena is the first to hear the baying of hounds. She mutes the TV and calls the others attention to it. Grabbing up her crossbow she heads to the door and carefully opens it, peeking up and down the street. It's at this point that she spots the two shadowy, bull-sized hounds and heads back inside, slamming and locking the door.

As she tells the others what she saw, the two jocks start to panic. Chaz tries to calm them. Elena watches through the fisheye lens of the front door peephole as three armored men on horseback appear along with the hounds. They horsemen have bronzed helms, two of which have stag antlers branching from them. They approach the door and the lead horse paws at it. "Uhhh, No one home, GO AWAY!" Elena shouts as the barrage begins on the heavy oak door. She braces her back against it and shouts for some help. All four brace the door, the slayer's strength giving them some small chance against the strength of a warhorse on the other side. But still all can tell the door is going to cave. she tells Chaz to call Uncle Sergei.

Elena: (Bracing the door and almost getting knocked over each time they attack it) "What did he say?"

Chaz: "Nothing yet!"

Elena: "Tell Uncle Sergei this is a bad time to look things up! There's a time for books and this ain't IT!"

Chaz: "I don't know if he's... wait.. Yep, sounds like pages turning."

Uncle Sergei eventually tells them that they are likely facing the Wild Hunt. Basically celtic bogey men who always get their man. It fits that they would be called this time of year as it's close to halloween.

Thinking quickly Elena asks Brian if they have a car in the garage. He tells her his Dad's SUV and she tells him, Diego and Chaz to go start it up. as the door starts to cave she asks Diego to throw her her axe. As a hoof comes through the door she uses the axe on it and is dismayed to see that the horse seems to be made of some sort of ectoplasm. As the door breaks down she vaults over the barricade materials in the living room and heads for the garage. Diving in the back window, Brian breaks through the garage door, sending shadow hounds scurrying. As they peel out across the grass and take out some trash cans they can see the horsemen giving chase. Elena lines up a shot on a hound and is satisfied to see that it causes the animal to stumble.

Still, they hit the gas and swerve dangerously through the neighborhood. No matter how fast they go, the horsemen seem to keep pace with them. Discussing their options heatedly, Chaz uses Brian's cellphone to call Uncle Sergei again. He suggests if they can stay away from them until sunrise they should be safe for the night. Elena asks how much gas they have to which Brian replies "A full tank." Chaz suggests heading towards a populated area but Elena is afraid of getting bystanders hurt.

Elena: "So... anyone feel like driving to New Mexico?"




Elena, Chaz, Brian and Diego are cruising down the Freeway. Whenever the traffic gets a bit light they are disconcerted to see that the Wild Hunt is pacing them along the sides of the road, clopping across off-ramps and jumping concrete barriers with relative ease. At these times Brian has to floor it, breaking the speed limit in order to get away.

"I changed my mind!" Elena cries from the back, where she's positioned so she can watch for the horsemen. "We should turn around we don't get too far from my Uncles." The idea of turning around scares the others, who note that they would have to slow down. The fact that the Hunt seems to disappear when there are more cars around gives Elena an idea though. When they next hit some thicker traffic Brian slows and performs an illegal U-turn through the median heading back toward Wolverton.

They're discussing crowded areas where they can go to avoid the Hunt when Uncle Sergei calls. He has figured out a protection ritual that should keep the Hunt from them until the morning. A little while later Brian's parent's SUV is skidding to a halt in Uncle Sergei's lawn.

Elena: "Everybody Out! Everybody Out!" (as kids pile from the car and the Hunt approaches down the street).
Uncle Sergei: "Everybody In! Everybody In!" (Pouring the last of his salt to complete the circle he's drawn around the house.)

Once everyone is inside he quickly speaks an invocation and a the salt flares into a glowing blue line for a moment before seeming to disappear. "That should do it." Uncle Sergei says with confidence.

As the Wild Hunt paces the perimeter of the house the gang plans. Uncle Sergei shows them a book he's found in the basement. He explains that there are certain rituals and summoning chants that can call the Wild Hunt but the summoner must also have a artifact significant to the spirits of the Hunt. The most well known and likely is a Bronze mask which he shows us a picture of. Over left over pizza and chips the gang discusses their plans for tomorrow, occasionally glancing out the window to check on the ghostly hunters. They will skip school and check out Julius, Keith and Peter's houses for the helmet first. If they find nothing, they'll go to school and watch the nerd's reactions as they see Diego and Brian alive, watching for signs of surprise.


The four kids check Julius's house first. The jocks are impressed as Elena literally hops the seven foot fence and breaks the lock on the back door. They search the house with no success. The next house is Keith's which turns out to be a pretty crappy trailer in a rundown trailer park. This time Elena goes in alone due to too many neighbors. She breaks the lock on the back door and searches Keith's room. "Bingo!" She finds some crumpled printouts in the trash of summoning invocations for the Wild Hunt. Writing down the website addresses on a slip of paper she meets the others out front, noting with some disgust that Keith's living room smells of cheap alcohol and is littered with beer cans and trash.

Heading to Peter Epstein's, Elena calls Uncle Sergei and relays the websites. They arrive at Peters and check the guest house first finding nothing. Brian mentions the alarms on the main house. Elena formulates a plan. Again with Slayer grace she climbs a tree next to the house and snaps a limb. The others agree to meet her at the nearby gas station as she breaks the window and leaves the branch hanging in it.

While the alarm whines Elena searches the house quickly, starting with Peter's room and working from there. A security car arrives ten minutes later and she continues the search while they knock on the front door and then the back. While they are in the back of the house she scoots out the front door and meets up with the rest of the gang, telling them that she found nothing more. No mask.


A short while later, as the kids of Wolverton High are eating lunch, Brian and the rest of the group are walking toward the lunch room. Elena suggests that her and Chaz go in first and find a seat close to the the three nerds. She'll then text message them and they'll watch reactions as Brian and Diego make their entrance.

Once inside they see that Keith and Julius are there, but not Peter. The two boys are having an argument and Elena moves closer to try and listen in. As she kneels to tie up her combat boot she overhears Julius telling Keith, "I don't want anything more to do with it Keith! You've gone too far and this is wrong!" Keith storms off in one direction while Julius heads outside. Just then Brian and Diego enter and Chaz and Elena both see Keith stop for a moment, obviously surprised, before hurrying out of the room.

Elena gives a knowing look to Chaz and he follows Keith. She follows Julius outside and approaches him. She asks if they can talk and Julius grows flustered but agrees. Elena tells him that she knows Keith is into something dangerous and she wants to help him. Julius seems nervous but admits that Keith is scaring him. He agrees to talk to her about it after school.

Meanwhile Chaz follows Keith and sees him go his locker. As he walks by he notices some magical paraphernalia like candles and pentagrams inside. Back in the lunch room Brian and Diego are busy fielding the weeping cheerleaders.


After school on the lunch patio Julius proceeds to tell Elena that Keith had a grandfather that died recently. Keith claimed that his grandfather was some sort of sorcerer and left the family all kinds of strange old things along with some books. His father sold most of the stuff but Julius was able to save an old bronze helmet. He did some studying and told his friends that he had found a way to get even with the jocks and everyone else who had been unkind to them. Last Friday Keith gave Julius and Peter each a piece of the helm and told them to keep it with them for luck. After the two murders this weekend Julius was freaked out and thats what they were arguing about.

Elena asks him for the helmet piece and he gives it to her out of his backpack, a side plate and stags horn. Julius says that Keith has the third part with him. She suggests that he not be around Keith for the next few days and he agrees to stay away. Together they go to find Peter and get his piece as well. Elena calls Brian and suggests that he, Chaz and Diego intercept Keith on the way home and get his piece from him. When they find Peter, he's happy to be rid of the piece and tells them that Keith needs help.


Cruising the streets on the way toward Keith's house they eventually spot him riding his bike home. When the time seems right they jump him. Brian gut punches him and they throw him in the car, ransacking his bag and coming up with the final piece of the helmet.

On the phone, Elena is somewhat surprised to hear that they have Keith hostage and not knowing what else to do she tells them to meet her at her Uncles.


There's humorous scene where the gang shows up on Uncle Sergei's doorstep.

Elena: (arriving just ahead of the others and giving her Uncle a peck on the cheek) "Hi Uncle, we got the helmet."

Uncle Sergei: (Looking pleased) "Oh good, I bough more salt just in cas..." (Brian and Diego walk in carrying a trussed up and angry looking Keith) "Ummmm..."

Chaz" (Bringing up the rear with his sword over his shoulder) "Any pizza left?"

Making sure Keith is well secured they put the parts of the helmet together as they discuss what must be done. Uncle Sergei explains that the helmet must be given to Herne, the leader of the Hunt in order to call him off. Sergei will enact the circle of protection just in case and then call the Watcher's council to try and determine what should be done with Keith.

Elena: (with a sly glint in her eye) "So... if I have this Herne guy's helm, I can make him go after anyone I want... right?" (She looks wickedly toward Keith, who cringes and blubbers for mercy).


It's evening and Chaz is waiting at the window. Keith lies unconscious and still bound while Uncle Sergei tidies up after having worked some form of spell.

Uncle Sergei: "There, he shouldn't remember a thing of the last week or so."

Chaz: "Theeeeere heeeeeere."

Uncle Sergei and Elena stand, Sergei gives her an encouraging touch and offers her the helm. Elena looks at Brian and Diego before stepping out the door, her axe in one hand and the helm in the other. The Hunt Master, Herne waits just outside the circle, his ghostly blade looks deadly in the moonlight. Around him are the hounds and huntsmen, barely visible in their vaporous form.

Elena: "Uhhh, Master Herne I believe I have something you want." (She holds the helm up.)

Herne: (In a deep, otherworldly voice) "INDEED mortal, you do."

Elena: "In return for this, I want you to lay off your current hunt and go after another, then go home!"

Herne: "Very well."

Elena tosses him the helm and he catches it with ease. As he places at his head he solidifies. One by one his huntsmen and dogs do as well. The last to manifest is a small, delicate boy on horseback with a horn slung over his back.

Herne: "WHOM shall we slay... Slayer?"

Elena: (Casting the barest glance backward and pausing dramatically...)


The sound of hooves on pavement rattles through the night. A tattered blanket shifts in a strip mall window and a vamp woman in biker leathers peers outside. We don't see what Gabriella Blades, the vamp leader does but a horse neighs and she whispers "You have GOT to be kidding me." The scene cuts to blackness and we hear shattering glass and the thunk of a blade sinking home.


In the halls of Wolverton High, Elena and Chaz watch Keith Dicks standing at his locker. He seems perplexed for a moment before shaking his head and stowing his books away. As he turns and walks by them, he doesn't even glance twice as he spots them, then moves off to join the crowd heading toward class.

Chaz: "You think his friends will tell him?"

They look over and see Julius and Peter. Julius drops a book and Diego stops, picking it up and slapping the nerd lightly on the shoulder as he hands it back to him and smiles before rejoining his friends.

Elena: "Even if they do, which I doubt they will, Keith doesn't have the helmet anymore. I double checked his house and his locker, he doesn't have anything else of his grandfathers. After the police found him on the street next to his bike they took him home. Apparently they couldn't find his father anywhere. I don't think the jocks were the only one's that got hunted."

(they start walking to class)

Chaz: "Wild Hunt versus abusive drunken father, hmmm. Almost doesn't seem like a fair fight."

Elena: "Yeah well, I hear Keith's moving in with his grandparents. Let's hope the family tree isn't full of bad apples. Maybe with a better home he won't be tempted anymore."

Chaz: "Now Wild Hunt versus vampire gang on the other hand...?"

Elena: "Come on! It was perfect and you know it. horsemen with swords who like lopping off heads (she pretends to weight them in one hand) vamp biker women who die neatly when they lose their heads (weighed in the other hand).

Chaz: "I still think you're gettin' lazy slayer." (shoves her lightly)

Elena: "I'll show you lazy" (shoves him lightly too and sends him careening painfully into a row of lockers.)

Chaz: (mouths an "owe" and rubs his shoulder as they continue walking)